Tuition Schedule for 2023-2024

Tuition is the largest source of revenue for the school and each year we also receive generous support from the parish as well as fundraisers to make up the difference between expenses and income.

Parish Support

Each year the parish contributes approximately seventeen percent of the school's overall budget. This is in line with diocesan guidelines for schools. This year, the parish will continue to generously support the school as it does for all of its ministries. This subsidy for the school comes from the weekly offertory of the parishioners. We ask that parishioner families take that into consideration when making their weekly offerings.

Fundraising Support

Our annual gala and other fundraising efforts contribute to reducing the tuition of all Saint Joan of Arc students. This year we were able to fundraise enough to cover operating expenses, keep tuition costs down, purchase new equipment, curriculum and make important improvements such as replacing doors at the gym entrance.

The 2023-2024 tuition schedule below shows the total cost to educate our children, highlighting the contributions from tuition, the parish, and fundraising income.


Registered Parishioners

No. of Children (K-8 only*)Total Cost to Educate a ChildFundraising + Multi-student DiscountParish Contribution Active Parishioner Tuition
1 $8,570 -$1,290 -$1,330 $5,950
2 $17,140 -$3,780 -$2,660 $10,700
3 $25,710 -$7,120 -$3,990 $14,600

*The parish contributes this money from the offertory for registered families.


No. of Children (K-8 only*)Total Cost to Educate a ChildFundraising + Multi-student Discount Non-Parishioner Tuition
1 $8,570 -$1,290 $6,950
2 $17,140 -$3,780 $12,700
3 $25,710 -$7,120 $17,600


If you have a child in preschool five days a week full time and a child or children in the K-8 program, you will qualify for the multiple student discount.

Preschool 3 (5 full days) $5,950
Preschool 3 (5 half days) $4,153
Preschool 3 (3 full days) $4,198
Preschool 3 (3 half days) $3,632


Type of FeeMonth PaidCost
PSO activity FeeAugust$25 per child
Technology FeeSeptember$75 per child
Fund Raising - Raffle TicketsOctober$100 per family
Lab Fee (6th, 7th and 8th grade) November $15 per child
Dance Class (7th and 8th grade)January$40 per child
RegistrationApril$100 per child
Graduation (8th Grade only)April $35 per child

All families will be using Smart Tuition this school year. St. Joan of Arc offers three options for paying tuition via the SMART tuition system:

  • Annually (one payment in full in August)
  • Semi-Annually (August & January)
  • Ten monthly payments (August-May)