Parent Testimonials

We are so proud to be in our 10th year at St. Joan of Arc, with 3 children at the school who each began in PreK-3. The school fosters academic excellence with a strong moral and ethical foundation in Catholic teachings. The community of SJA is one of its greatest assets that we cherish. The teachers go above and beyond for the students in the classroom, as well as outside. They work with the students to find individual strengths for success, attend students sporting events on the weekends, and show a genuine interest in the students lives. The sense of belonging and camaraderie among students, teachers, staff, and parents fosters a supportive community that feels like a second family. The Catholic values and behaviors are easily visible as you walk the halls and spend time in the school. We feel so blessed to have found St. Joan of Arc for our children and family, and we truly look forward to our years ahead.
—Gina A.

We are proud alumni and current attendees at St. Joan of Arc . The exceptional teachers provide personalized attention, fostering academic, social, and spiritual growth in our children. The strong sense of community among parents, students, faculty, and staff creates a nurturing environment where everyone feels valued and supported. The leadership's commitment to a well-rounded education rooted in faith, along with the seamless integration with the parish community, makes St. Joan of Arc School more than just a place of learning—it's where our family has found belonging, inspiration, and endless opportunities for growth.
—The Anselmo Family

SJA is more than just a school; it's a community that functions like a closely-knit family. Our family has three children enrolled at SJA, and one consistent theme stands out: the teachers, staff, and administration genuinely care about their students. There's always someone there to provide support and encouragement, helping them to realize their full potential.Furthermore, what sets SJA apart is the extent to which teachers go beyond the classroom. Many of them attend our kids' sporting events, fostering a connection that extends far beyond academics. This commitment creates a unique sense of belonging and support for our children.SJA also offers numerous opportunities for parents to actively engage with the school and gain firsthand insight into its vibrant community. One such program is the Dad's WatchDog initiative on Wednesdays, where fathers contribute their time and effort within the school. Participating in this program gave me an eye-opening glimpse into my children's daily life at SJA and allowed me to truly appreciate everything the school offers them.After numerous experiences like this, I couldn't be prouder that my kids are Chargers. I wholeheartedly recommend SJA and its extraordinary community to anyone in the process of choosing the right school for their children. It's a decision you won't regret.
—Tom G.

St. Joan of Arc has been a great place for our children to begin their educational journey. SJA is well rounded from the classroom, to the community feel, and everything in between. I couldn’t ask for a better school to send our children to every day and look forward to the many years ahead at St. Joan of Arc with all that it is sure to provide them.
—Jordan S.

After our previous Catholic school closed its doors, we were tasked with finding a school that could fill the big shoes of the one we were leaving. St. Joan of Arc stood out to us for its reputation of academic excellence and strong sense of community. With four children spanning from kindergarten to junior high, we've encountered passionate and dedicated teachers who not only challenge our children academically, but also genuinely care about their success. As parents we understand and strongly value the impact our involvement has on our children's educational experiences, so we are blessed that SJA offers numerous opportunities for us to volunteer and be active participants in our children's education and school community. We are confident that the emphasis on faith and spiritual growth is setting an excellent foundation for their future endeavors.
—Becky and Mike Giudice

SJA is a wonderful, supportive, and engaged community. Not only do families support various school activities but we are there for each other too. We help each other through the good times and the challenging times. We also have a lot of fun together from park district soccer games and impromptu dinners to helping at the Color Walk or attending the Gala. Our family has developed strong friendships with other families. We feel at home at SJA.
—The Minor Family