What is shopwithscrip.com?

St. Joan of Arc’s SCRIP program is now linked to a wonderful on-line service called shopwithscrip.com. By registering through this website, you will be able to order SCRIP physical gift cards and e-cards on-line, 24/7. When you register for a bank account or credit card, you will be able to automatically receive e-cards through your email and phone, as well as reload the current physical gift cards you own (if allowed by the specific vendor).

How do I signup for shopwithscrip.com?

Go to: www.shopwithscrip.com and click the “REGISTER” button in the top right hand corner or download the RaiseRight app on your Apple or Android device and hit “Join a program”. When asked for an enrollment code please use: B23A49233L744.

Please make sure you enter all the information and use an email that you check frequently. If you have any issues signing up, please contact Alex Gervacio at: agervacio@sjalisle.org.

What is ScripNow, Reload, ReloadNow, and RaiseRight?

ScripNow - Electronic gift cards are available from many of our retailers, and can be ordered and printed from your ShopWithScrip account.  The ScripNow eCard is delivered to your account in minutes when you pay for your order with PrestoPay - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Print the certificate and redeem it in stores, or copy and paste the code at checkout to apply to an online purchase. You can also order and redeem ScripNow right from your phone using the RaiseRight app.

Reload - Add funds to a plastic gift card overnight for retailers that offer a Reload product. The card must have been purchased from Great Lakes Scrip Center to be eligible for Reload on ShopWithScrip.    Reloaded funds are available the next morning when an order containing a Reload is submitted and paid for by 3:30 PM EST Monday through Friday excluding holidays.

ReloadNow - Add funds to a plastic gift card immediately for retailers that offer a ReloadNow product.    The funds are available on the card in minutes when you pay with PrestoPay - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The card must have been purchased from Great Lakes Scrip Center to be eligible for ReloadNow on ShopWithScrip.

RaiseRight – Our mobile app for ShopWithScrip, available on iPhone and Android devices. You can download the app in your device’s App Store.  Login using your same ShopWithScrip username and password to place orders for ScripNow, Reload, and ReloadNow. Also, you can redeem scrip directly from your mobile device for retailers that allow it.

How do I pay electronically?

There are 2 ways to pay for your orders online:

  1. You can add a bank account by logging into your ShopWithScrip account on the website or through the RaiseRight App. Paying through a direct bank account transfer has a small $0.15 convenience fee.

  2. You can enter any major credit card when you checkout your order on the website or RaiseRight app for a small convenience fee of 2.6% of the total purchase price.

How do I receive my physical gift cards that I order?

All SCRIP orders for physical gift cards ordered online are made every Thursday at 4pm. Only orders where we have received payment (either by check or electronically) by 4pm Thursday are sent for that week. The total of all orders for the week for physical gift cards (not e-cards) must have a minimum order of $250. If all orders do not total $250, it will be held in queue until it reaches the minimum.

If you have a student at St. Joan of Arc School – your gift cards will be sent to the RE office and sent home with the student on the following Wednesday if you made payment by the previous Thursday (either by check or electronically).

What if I want to still pay by check for my shopwithscrip.com orders?

Please drop off your payment check to the Parish Office in an envelope and mark it clearly with “SCRIP Payment”.