School Advisory Board

Pictured from left to right: Karyn Barenbrugge, Leanne Van Gronigen, Erin Hudetz, Jennifer Hantsch, Andrew Marks, John Marc Berthoud, Rich Weigel, Michelle Picchione, Jeremy Jackson, Heather Kroupa, Jonelle Dzikowicz, Ross Sciacca, Liz Simek

The St. Joan of Arc School Advisory Board (SAB) is a consultative board, serving in an advisory capacity to the Pastor and Principal in strategic, legal, financial, policy, and confidential matters. The purpose of the SAB is:

  • to advise the Pastor and the Principal with respect to the formulation, implementation and evaluation of policies which govern the operation of St. Joan of Arc School,

  • to assist the Pastor and the Principal in strategic planning for the School, and

  • to promote the school mission of providing students a firm foundation in the Catholic faith, thereby creating the opportunity and the means to achieve academic excellence.

School Advisory Executive Board for the 2022-23 School Year

Jeremy Jackson – President

Jeremy and his wife Sarah have been members of the Parish since 2007. They have been school parents since 2014. Jeremy is starting his second term on the SAB and this will be his second year as the President.

The President presides at all meetings of the SAB and works closely with the Principal in setting the agenda for SAB meetings.

John-Marc Berthoud – Vice President

John-Marc and his family originally joined the Parish in 1979 when he was a student at SJA. John-Marc and his wife Megan have been members at the Parish since 2018. They have been school parents since 2018. John-Marc is serving as VP for the second consecutive year, and his 3-year term on the SAB will end this upcoming May.

The Vice President assists the President in all matters and oversees the discernment process of new members in the Spring.

Heather Kroupa – Secretary

Heather and her husband Adam became members of the Parish in 2006. They have been school parents since 2015 . Heather is serving her second year on the SAB and this will be first in the role as Secretary.

The Secretary takes minutes of the Board meetings and maintains its written records.

Andrew Marks – Treasurer

Andrew and his wife Marzenka have been members of the Parish since 2012. They have been school parents since 2014. Andrew is starting his second term on the SAB and this will be his third year as the Treasurer.

The Treasurer represents the SAB at meetings of the Parish Finance Council, participates in the development of the school budget, and coordinates with the Parish Operations Manager on regular financial reports.

Other SAB Members

Jonelle Dzikowicz
Jennifer Hantsch
Erin Hudetz
Liz Simek
Ross Sciacca
Rich Weigel

The SAB is composed of St. Joan of Arc parishioners selected through a discernment process each spring. By being responsive to the values of the Parish community, the SAB is responsible for providing policy direction as a concerned and competent body which is representative and accountable to the community of faithful at St. Joan of Arc Parish. Administrative and discipline decisions are the responsibility of the Principal within the framework of established school policies subject to regulations from the Pastor and the Joliet Diocese Catholic Schools Office.

Meeting Schedule

Regular meetings of the SAB are open to all interested parishioners of St. Joan of Arc Parish and/or parents of St. Joan of Arc School students. Other non-parishioners may attend upon invitation by the SAB. If you would like to address the SAB, please submit the topic in writing to the Principal or SAB President at least 10 calendar days before the next SAB meeting.

The SAB’s 2022-2023 meetings will be held on the following dates at 7:00 pm in the Parish Center:

  • Monday, September 19
  • Monday, October 17
  • Monday, November 22
  • Monday, January 23
  • Monday, February 27
  • Monday, March 20
  • Monday, April 17
  • Monday, May 15