Junior High Fine Arts

Fine arts classes within junior high expand on the elementary foundations of art and music and continue to develop an appreciation for both. Junior high meets twice a week for a semester in fine arts.

Students develop increasingly sophisticated creative strategies, skills, and habits of mind through artistic practices. Lessons will make connections to math, science, language arts, and social studies with an emphasis on music from the period of art being created. Because classes are smaller for junior high students in fine arts, they use this time to break away from the concentration of core classes to relax and enjoy the learning process with their friends. At times they are given choices of the art project they would like to create. Music is played in class to inspire their projects and sometimes enjoy a karaoke day as a reward for their efforts. We learn about many genres of music such as rock and roll, pop, jazz, country and hip hop as well as the iconic musical artists who brought this music to the mainstream. Students have the opportunity to create music related art such as retro album covers along with a biography of the musician. Integrated projects such as this, allows students to develop a greater understanding and appreciation of music they may never have encountered before.

We encourage the fine arts in many ways at St. Joan of Arc. We offer group piano lessons, band, choir, dance classes, Christmas concert and our spring musical.