3rd Grade

Language Arts

Reading in third grade marks the transition from learning to read to reading to learn. Instruction focuses on a 50/50 split between fiction and non-fiction text. Students learn to extract new information from various forms of text and to cite evidence to prove their thinking.

Writing instruction focuses on the three main types of writing: opinion, narrative and informational. Students practice expressing themselves in written form while learning why the six traits of writing are key to clear writing.

Grammar instruction includes daily practice with nouns, verbs, adjectives and types of sentences.


Third grade math focuses on the common core standards. Topics include: multiplication, division, fractions, geometry, data and measurement, and addition and subtraction within 1,000. Students also work on fact fluency and problem solving daily.


Our religion focuses on the local church community and the world church. Students learn about the structure of our church and how this structure comes from apostolic tradition. Students participate in the sacrament of reconciliation two times a year and attend mass weekly to receive the Holy Eucharist. Third graders also learn about the liturgical seasons throughout the year.


Science instruction in third grade consists of three units: motion and matter, water and climate, and structures of life. Students explore science concepts through interactive lessons and materials from FOSS.

Social Studies

Third grade has several cross curricular projects including the annual “Third Grade Wax Museum.” While completing this exciting project students work on the research skill of note taking, determining the importance while reading, working with a partner towards a common goal, speaking skills, point of view practice, and the history of our country. All the hard work culminates with a wax museum where parents and other children in the school are invited to learn about famous Americans from our third graders!