Athletic Board

The mission of the board is to provide SJA students with opportunities to develop athletic abilities, learn teamwork and sportsmanship, participate in healthy and fun competition, and model Catholic values and behavior as part of athletic training and competition.

Athletic Board Executive Committee for the 2023-2024 School Year

Mr. Jim Rickert – Athletic Director

The Athletic Director oversees the operations of the SJA Athletics program.

Brad Vaupel – President

Brad has been a member of the parish since 2014 and his kids have been attending SJA since 2016. He will be serving as President until 2026.

The President presides at all AB meetings, supports the Athletic Director in his/her responsibilities, and serves as a liaison between the Principal and Board on athletics matters.

Kim Kelly – Treasurer

Kim has been a member of the parish since 2021 and her kids have been attending SJA since 2020. She will be serving as Treasurer until 2025.

The Treasurer leads in the development of the annual budget, along with the AD and Board. The Treasurer maintains the financial records for the Athletic program and coordinates with the Parish Finance Director.

Lisa Nicholas – Marketing & Communications

Lisa has been a member of the parish since 2011 and her kids have been attending SJA since 2014. She will be serving as Marketing & Communications Chair until 2026.

The Marketing & Communications Chair supports Athletics communications between the AD and Board to the school community, serves as a liaison between Athletics and the SJA Marketing Director, and coordinates with stakeholders on the promotion of SJA Athletics.

Kate Branca – Operations

Kate grew up in Lisle and is a Charger alumni. She and her husband were married at SJA and have been members of the Parish since 2006. They have been school parents since 2015. Kate will be serving as the Operations Chair until 2027.

The Operations Chair is responsible for athletic uniforms, concessions, and other game day logistics.

Iris Alvarado – Secretary

Iris joined the SJA community in 2022, and her child transferred to SJA that same year. She will be serving as Secretary until 2027.

The Secretary takes minutes of the Board meetings and maintains its written records.

Advisory Board Members

John Marc Berthoud
Mike Budd
Lisa Galant
Jeremy Jackson
Kerwin Yenter

Ex Officio Members

Drew Olejnik – Volleyball Coordinator
Andrew Marks – Cross Country Coordinator
Jim Bredberg – Basketball Coordinator
Kelly Carr – Track Coordinator


Athletic Board meetings are held on the second Monday of each month. If you would like to address the Board, please submit your topic in writing to the Athletic Director or AB President a minimum of 10 days in advance of the next meeting.