Frequently Asked Questions

What are the hours of a typical school day?  Start 7:45am and ends at 2:14pm or 2:16pm depending on grade. Preschool has a half day option ending at 10:45am.

What are your hours of extended day? Extended day begins at 7:00am and after school is from dismissal until 5:45pm.

Do students have recess? Primary students have recess twice a day.

Do you have busing? PreK through 8th grade students living more than 1.5 miles from school may utilize free bus services provided by Lisle School District 202. Please call the SJA Main Office to confirm these services.

What is the school uniform? Our formal uniforms are from Dennis Uniform in Lombard and these are typically worn three days a week. We have a variety of options for both boys and girls. A full uniform guideline document is available.  We also wear a gym uniform two days a week - these are the days your child has gym.

Do you have 1/1 computing? Yes we do for grades K-8. We also have SmartBoards in all our classrooms to allow for projection of computers and hands on integration of topics and problem solving. And iPads for preschool.

What do I do if my child will be absent? Daily attendance is required. When a student is absent from school, a parent should call the office at 630-969-1732 by 8:00am each day of the absence.

Do you have a Hot Lunch? SJA provides a Hot Lunch Program to Kindergarten through 8th grade on Thursdays*. The full meals include a main entrée with a side and dessert. Entrée and other side items can be ordered a la carte. These meals are catered through local vendors.

How does SJA address safety? Keeping all our students safe is one of our most important jobs. All school doors are locked 24/7. Access to the building is through a keycard system allowing us to know who has accessed what door and when. We have cameras inside and outside the building that are monitored in the office.

Our primary entrance during the school day [door #1] has double doors allowing individuals to enter in and be checked prior to getting into the building. All visitors must check in upon arrival. We provide name tags for visitors to distinguish who they are.

We conduct annual safety drills - police, fire, active shooter, and tornado to make sure we are prepared in the event of any emergency.

Do you offer Financial Aid? Yes. We have financial aid and scholarships available through our Adopt-a-Student program and private donations. In addition, the Catholic Education Foundation offers financial aid opportunities. Learn more HERE.