Sports Offered at SJA


We are rich in School Spirit at St. Joan of Arc and that is evident in our tremendous athletic program. Students can be come involved in the athletic program as early as fifth  grade (unlike the public shools whose students cannot play organized school sports until seventh grade).  Team sports include football, cross country, volleyball, basketball, track & field and cheer. As a member of the Dupage Parochial League, we promote a no cut policy for teams. Students are eligible to participate as long as they are in good academic standing.

Fees for all sports offered at St. Joan of Arc school vary.


Preseason Orientation Meetings

Prior to beginning each season, coaches hold a mandatory meeting for all potential student-athletes and their parents. The Athletic Handbook is available online and will be reviewed during this meeting.  The coaches will also facilitate a sport-specific discussion group during this meeting to introduce themselves and share their expectations specific to their sport.