Principal Letter for the Week of November 19, 2018

In all created things discern the providence and wisdom of God, and in all things give Him
thanks. – St. Teresa of Avila

Thanksgiving Break

On behalf of the St. Joan of Arc School Staff I wish the entire St. Joan of Arc community a joyous
and restful Thanksgiving. There is no time as well spent as time with family and friends.

Five Year Plan Update
The Technology Committee recently gathered for their second meeting to discuss the present
state of our technology program and to plan for the future. Last spring the Five Year Plan
Curriculum Committee sent to parents a general survey pertaining to their thoughts about the
use of education technology in general and, specifically, its implementation at SJA. About 10%
of SJA parents responded to the survey and there was quite a range of responses ranging from
technology is overemphasized in education to citing the need for a 1:1 program throughout the

In January following Christmas break, parents will receive a detailed technology survey. It is the
hope of the Committee that all school parents will take the time to complete this survey and to
respond thoughtfully to the questions posited. Going forward, parent responses will be critical
in the development of a roadmap for school technology over the next five years.

December 18
As the holiday season is now upon us, please note that December 18 is the date for the annual
St. Joan of Arc School Christmas Music program. It is always a delightful evening and a
wonderful way to mark the Christmas season at school.

Thank you for supporting Catholic Education,

Michael Sweeney, Principal

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