Color Walk Important Information

SJA 3K Color Walk 2016 Event Day Info


When:  Friday, Sept. 30th at 12:30pm (Severe weather permitting. If it is sunny, chilly, cold, or lightly raining the event will be held. With lightning/severe weather, it will be postponed).


What to wear to school?  SJA 3K Color-A-Thon t-shirt or any t-shirt, SJA gym shorts (Kindergarteners wear their own shorts), silly socks & sneakers (that are okay to get dirty). Skirts worn over SJA gym shorts during school/church are fine if they prefer.

·         NO flip-flops.  Sneakers are preferred.  An alternative would be Keens or a similar style with a closed toe and strap onto the foot.

·         If your child raised $30 or more in donations, T-shirts were passed out Thursday; other prizes distributed soon!


What to bring?  A towel or two. At least one towel is required for those that take the bus home. A 2nd towel is recommended for brushing off their clothing or skin after walk ends.

·         Optional: sunglasses, hats, caps, bandanas, silly wigs, tutus, are allowed during walk (not in class). Label items in case they are misplaced.).

·         They may bring their dye packs to toss in the air for the After Blast Party.

·         If they earned a Color Walk backpack, carry their dye packs in it during the walk.

·         Looks like a light rain shower? Bring an umbrella or a rain coat.


Blonde hair/light hair? Consider wearing a hat/bandana to minimize the amount of dust on hair. You can also lightly coat the hair with a bit of conditioner in the morning. At times, the color dust lasts longer in light hair.


Who can participate and attend?  All SJA students, staff, and volunteers. Parents are not permitted to participate this year unless they are volunteering.


Volunteers: park on streets.  South Lot must be clear for the walk & pre-school pickup at 1:45pm.


Where does my child go if they are not participating?    Non-participating students will be directed by their teachers to the classroom that will be staffed during the event time period.


How will this affect dismissal & pick-up? Participating students will be dismissed from the gym to cars, bus, & walking.

·         Volunteering? Parents helping at event MUST check out with teacher before departing the gym with their child.

·         Not volunteering , but are picking up children in the car lines? Please do NOT arrive before 2:00Please set up towels/sheet on car seat and/or carpet BEFORE joining car line in to keep line moving.

·         For students that dismiss to the bus, child needs a towel for bus ride home!

·         For students that go to Extended Day, Junior High After School, or activities: Pack an extra towel to wipe themselves off well and achange of clothes to minimize the hallway/classroom clean-up.


What else will happen at the event?  

·         Water bottles & a snack will be provided after the walk for each participant, courtesy of Gordon Food Service.

·         The outside “After-Blast Party” is where the students toss the contents of their dye packs into the air.

·         DJ will provide music during & after the 3K walk.


What is the colored powder made of?  Safe, non-toxic, completely washable, corn starch and FD&C colors. For additional info, please refer to the color blaze website. DUST FREE ZONE will be set up.


“Wall of Wind”: volunteers will blow off loose dust with leaf blowers.  The color easily washes out of hair & clothes. 


How do we KEEP the color on the shirt.?  The company recommends spraying the shirt with vinegar & then ironing it.


Best way to wash out color from shirt & towels?   Wash clothing in separate load on cold water & rinse. Cleaning results vary depending on variety of factors (how long color sits on clothing/towels and cleaning method). Color Dust is expected to wash out of clothing/towels and off of shoes; however, take precautions…don’t send new items/shoes.