Sixth Grade – Computer Applications

Six Grade lessons focus on the productivity-based software using spreadsheets and presentation programs.   This course will entail understanding the terminology and vocabulary of spreadsheets and their different parts.  Understanding logistical layouts, creating formulas for calculation and reference, and linking multiple worksheets within a single spreadsheet file are also covered.  The students should leave the course also knowing how to use spreadsheet programs to organize data, create graphs and pivot tables, and disseminate information provided by this data in a format that is understood by their audience.

Presentation software is also covered in this course with a focus on the presentation itself.  Students will learn to interact with the software as a visual aid to the message they are attempting to convey to their audience.  By creating an emphasis upon the message instead of the software the students should learn to convey their thoughts to the audience while enhancing the message with computer software.  The students will understand they are the presentation; the computer is there to help the message not to be the message.



Seventh Grade – Video Production

This seventh grade course focuses on video creation and editing.  The students write their own scripts, film, act, and edit their own productions.  Emphasizing the perspective that creating videos should be fun, the students are encouraged to relax and understand the audience is capable of understanding the difference between performing persona and the actor’s real personality.  They are taught the power of editing which allows someone to alter his or her message simply by choosing and arranging the video clips in a different order.  By providing a small introduction to green screen technology and using additional audio and video track overlays the students are taught the final product can bear no resemblance to the actual reality.  The students will use the software to help them convey his or her intended message for an audience.



Eighth Grade – News Show

The students write, produce, and perform a weekly 20 minute news show broadcast live to the junior high homerooms.  Performing various on-camera and off-camera duties the students will perform duties from writing news stories, set design, graphics, anchoring the show, providing various features, and coordinating all the jobs and producing a finished product.  The show is student driven using relevant current events and stories the teachers serve to offer instructional and technical support and direction for the student’s efforts without interfering with the students’ production.