“Life is a math equation, in order to gain the most, you have to know how to convert the negatives into positives”

Algebra 1
  • The content of Algebra 1 is organized around families of functions, with special emphasis on linear and quadratic functions.  As students learn about each family of functions, they will learn to represent them in multiple ways- as verbal descriptions, equations, tables, and graphs.  They will also learn to model real-world situations using functions in order to solve problems arising from those situations.
  • In addition to its algebra content, Algebra 1 includes lessons on probability and data analysis as well as numerous examples and exercises involving geometry.

Glencoe Math Accelerated focuses on four critical areas:

  • adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing rational numbers
  • analyzing proportional relationships and using expressions and equations
  • using sampling to draw inferences about a population
  • solving problems involving angle measure, area, surface area, and volume.

It is designed to prepare each student for their learning journey into algebra and beyond.

Go Math

GO Math! emphasizes the critical areas and depth of understanding through interactive lessons, research-based instructional approaches, best practices, and differentiated instructional resources to ensure success for all students.

The critical areas include:

  • the number system
  • ratios and rates
  • expressions and equations
  • geometry and statistics
Simple Solutions

The Simple Solutions Approach is a strategy that combines instruction with distributed practice and meaningful assessment.  They strategy is based on the belief that students will retain what they have learned when they are required to revisit concepts and practice skills on a daily basis.  This consistent review allows students to not only master math skills and concepts, but to retain their learning for a lifetime.  As students practice math skills and concepts at their comfort level, their self-confidence grows, and they enjoy math more.

As part of the Simple Solutions Approach, students complete on lesson per day, four days per week.  Students self-check their Simple Solution lessons.  They mark any items that were difficult or done incorrectly, and they receive immediate and meaningful feedback by going over these items with the teacher in class.  On Friday, or the fifth day in the sequence, students take a quiz that covers material addressed during the previous four days.

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