Local Catholic School Creates New Student Council Program

With all the current issues surrounding our federal and state governments, it’s only natural that students would be interested in learning more about how government works. One way to teach students about the workings of government is to establish a Student Council. At St. Joan of Arc Catholic School, the junior high students (grades 6-8) now have the opportunity to be active in their own student government.

“After studying for their Constitution test last year, some of my students began asking how we could get a Student Council started at SJA,” said Tanya Anderson, who teaches junior high at St. Joan of Arc. “Each of our five junior high homerooms has one representative, and there are three additional positions on the council: President, Vice-President, and Secretary/Treasurer.”

To run for a homeroom representative or an officer position, students have to fill out an application, which includes getting signatures from their parents and the Assistant Principal. “Students need a certain number of signatures of support from their classmates,” added Anderson. “Once the application is submitted, students create campaign posters to hang around the school, and they give a recorded speech that is shown to the junior high students, who then vote for the officer positions and their homeroom representative.” Students who apply for the election must be in good standing academically and follow school conduct policies.

“Having a student government benefits SJA and the student body because it brings fresh ideas to the school, and gives students a voice in some of the issues and events affecting the school,” explained Anderson. “The council represents the students’ voices and gives them a method to have their ideas and suggestions be heard, and it will also help our older students develop leadership and communication skills. Our new Student Council is excited to already be working on a school-wide service project for this year.”

For more information about SJA’s Student Council, please contact:

St. Joan of Arc Catholic School and Church
Pre-K through 8th grade
820 Division Street, Lisle, IL

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