4th & 5th Grades

English/Language Arts

The fourth grade program is divided into two parts and receives two separate grades. The reading program presents students with strategies for comprehension and fluency in fiction and nonfiction text. Students receive instruction on a variety of literature forms including novels, guided reading books, and lit circles. In ELA, our students become better writers through the ongoing development of the 6+1 writing traits, daily oral language, stem meanings, spelling, and vocabulary. Public speaking and presentation skills are developed throughout all areas of study.


Our scope and sequence in Bridges Math takes the students from multi-digit multiplication, division, and factoring through fractions, decimals, and measurement. Simple Solutions is an efficient way of mastering facts and spiraling concepts to help students improve and maintain proficiency.


Our curriculum in Catholic faith focuses on Virtues, the Nicene Creed, Stations of the Cross, types of prayers, the Rosary, Beatitudes, the Ten Commandments, the liturgical year, and our patron saint, Joan of Arc.


FOSS Kits provide the fourth graders with units in energy, rocks and minerals, electricity, magnets, ecosystems, environments, and the human body. Our young scientists learn to make predictions, carry out experiments, and journal on their findings with this hands-on program.

Social Studies

The fourth graders study the five regions of the United States including the locations, landforms, climate, landmarks, culture, products, and resources. Immigration, time-period social issues, and map skills are additional areas of focus along with economy through the Junior Achievement Program.