Principal’s Letter for Monday, September 10, 2018


Prayer Service for 9/11 Commemoration

Tomorrow at 1:00 PM in the church students will gather together for a prayer service to commemorate the events of September 11, 2001 as well as to mark Patriots Day. Parents and grandparents are invited to attend, especially those who serve or have served as first responders.


Curriculum Night

This Thursday beginning promptly at 6:30 PM in the gymnasium we will have the first of our two Curriculum Nights. The evening will begin with prayer and there will be a number of brief presentations by representatives from the school and parent community. I will give an overview of the school’s Five Year Plan. The complete Five Year Plan document will be available as part of the Wednesday envelope. In addition, an overview of the school’s marketing and activities will be presented.


Curriculum Night is one occasion during the beginning of the new school year where we have nearly 100% parent attendance so it is an ideal time to share exciting news about the direction of St. Joan of Arc School. Following presentations and an introduction to the school staff, parents will be dismissed to visit the child’s classroom.


New Math Curriculum for Grade K – 5

After much research and discussion among SJA math teachers, Grades K-5 have adopted the Bridges Math Curriculum.  Bridges is a research-based curriculum that teaches students to think about math rather than simply “do” math.  Teachers will still teach the basics, but will also spend more time teaching the concepts behind the algorithms.  Parents will have access to resources to help their children. This Tuesday and Wednesday, math teachers in grades K – 5 will participate in Bridges Math professional development during school hours. Teachers in K – 2 will meet Tuesday and Grade 3 – 5 teachers will meet on Wednesday.

In addition to Bridges, teachers in lower elementary will be using Fundations, a new literacy program that emphasizes the foundations of literacy from phonics to handwriting.  Fundations serves to identify students at risk for experiencing reading difficulties at an age when intervention is most effective as well providing challenging work for all students.


STEM Programs for Middle School Students :

Following the recent introduction of a coding class for sixth grade students, Junior High School Science teacher, Tanya Anderson has plans for students to design their own web pages. As part of the eighth grade robotics class, students will be programming robotic vehicles to complete a planned route in and around the classroom.


Thank you for supporting Catholic education,

Michael Sweeney, Principal

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