5th grade

English/Language Arts

During English and language arts students will learn new vocabulary words and practice their grammar skills.  We spend time writing, editing, and revising our written work while completing expository, persuasive, and narrative essays.  Students read novels that are cross-curricular with our social studies units and will complete a national parks project.



Fifth grade math focuses on adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing decimals, factions and mixed numbers.  We also work on whole number multiplication and division, working with percents, and practice graphing.  Finally students will study geometry with a focus on calculating the volume of objects.



Along with growing deeper in our faith by studying the sacraments and saints, fifth graders sit for the ACRE test (Assessment of Catechesis/Religious Education) each February.  We also complete a few class service projects.



Fifth grade science uses the FOSS (Full Option Science System) curriculum kits and will focus on units including the Earth and Sun, Mixtures and Solutions, and Living Systems.  Foss is a research based science curriculum that incorporates active learning into the science class.


Social Studies

In social studies fifth grade will study explorers such as Marco Polo, Hernan Cortes, and Ponce de Leon.  We investigate American Indian tribes and the original thirteen colonies along with the events leading up to and including the creation of the United States as a country.